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We create transformative SaaS solutions, powered by generative AI and built on three decades of dedication, vision and top-tier expertise in FinTech, data visualization, and business process automation.

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About Us

The Founders

  • LUCKY GENiUS Labs was founded in 2023 by four veteran web and FinTech entrepreneurs from Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.
  • We began our professional journeys at the dawn of the internet era and collectively boast over a century of experience in creating solutions for both enterprise and retail contexts.
  • We have developed innovative, award-winning financial products and services for some of the industry's biggest players, serving millions of users.

The Vision

  • AI will disrupt all industries, yet few present more opportunities to gain a competitive edge as enhancing and personalizing user-centric processes.
  • Drawing from our profound expertise in FinTech solution architecture, UX design, data visualization, and regulatory compliance, we create AI-driven solutions that efficiently optimize these operations.
  • By significantly reducing time and costs of manual and repetitive processes, we will empower businesses to shift their focus towards innovation and growth.

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